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Employer Forms

W-9 (Request for taxpayer ID number and certification):  If you paid anyone over $100 in 2011 for pasture rent, contract labor, custom hire, or a business rental property.  Have the employee or payee fill out the W-9 completetly with name, SS#, and address and then you write your name and dollar amount paid at the top of the form and return to Teresa by Jan. 10 for processing the 1099's.

W-4 (employee's withholding allowance certification)

MO W-4  (Missouri withholding allowance certification)

I-9 Form (Employment eligibility verification)

Income/Expense Forms


All 1099 information (W9s) turned in by Jan. 10th.

Farmers with March 1st deadlines needs appointments by Feb. 15th.

Corporation appointments must be scheduled by Feb. 28th.

If scheduling multiple filings for one visit, please let us know for proper time allocation.


If you are waiting for your return and would like to know the status you may contact either of the following locations:(you must know your martial status, head social security number, and exact refund amount)

Missouri refund?